Archive: 09/19/2007

Notebooks Become Head-Turning Works of Art

Sony today unveiled the VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk Edition notebooks featuring designs from New York-based, emerging artist, Maya Hayuk. These limited edition PCs are available in two head-turning designs—“Grow” ...

Sep 19, 2007
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New understanding of basic units of memory

A molecular “recycling plant” permits nerve cells in the brain to carry out two seemingly contradictory functions – changeable enough to record new experiences, yet permanent enough to maintain these memories over time.

Sep 19, 2007
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Canada's pristine freshwater fisheries at risk

If you want to catch a trophy northern pike, walleye or brook trout in the northern Canadian wilderness, better plan your trip soon. That’s because according to a report released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society, ...

Sep 19, 2007
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Why are some groups of animals so diverse?

A new study of finger-sized Australian lizards sheds light on one of the most striking yet largely unexplained patterns in nature: why is it that some groups of animals have evolved into hundreds, even thousands of species, ...

Sep 19, 2007
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Brain center for 'sound space' identified

While the visual regions of the brain have been intensively mapped, many important regions for auditory processing remain terra incognita. Now, researchers have identified the region responsible for a key auditory process—perceiving ...

Sep 19, 2007
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How the brain handles surprise, good and bad

Whether it’s a mugger or a friend who jumps out of the bushes, you’re still surprised. But your response—to flee or to hug—must be very different. Now, researchers have begun to distinguish the circuitry in the brain’s ...

Sep 19, 2007
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