Archive: 09/19/2007

Biologists expose hidden costs of firefly flashes

A new study by biologists at Tufts University has discovered a dark side lurking behind the magical light shows put on by fireflies each summer. Using both laboratory and field experiments to explore the potential costs of ...

Sep 19, 2007
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New U.S. chemical screening center to open

A new U.S. chemical screening center designed to perform up to 30,000 experiments a day is to open Friday at the University of California-Santa Cruz.

Sep 19, 2007
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Grocery Retailers Need Not Fear 'Cherry Pickers'

"Extreme cherry pickers," grocery shoppers who buy only sale items and nothing else, do not harm retailer profits significantly as generally is believed, according to a forthcoming study in the Journal of ...

Sep 19, 2007
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Does being overweight in old age cause memory problems?

While obesity has been shown to contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, being overweight in old age does not lead to memory problems, according to a study published September 19, 2007, in the online ...

Sep 19, 2007
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IBM offers free office software suite

IBM is releasing IBM Lotus Symphony, a suite of software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The tools can be downloaded at no charge.

Sep 19, 2007
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Using video-game technology to find oil, gas

What do video games and seismic explorations have in common? Both require very demanding computer applications that call for the ability to process massive quantities of data rapidly. Using computer technology ...

Sep 19, 2007
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AMD announces three new AMD Athlon 64 processor models

At the Embedded Systems Conference this week, AMD announced the addition of three new low power AMD Athlon 64 processors to its embedded product lineup, giving embedded systems designers the benefits of AMD64 technology in ...

Sep 19, 2007
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