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'Mini' ion accelerator showcased

Tom Cowan's team cultivating new laser technology for more precise cancer treatments Tom Cowan's team is thinking smaller, but with big impact. Particle accelerators are a key research tool in a high energy ...

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First Matter

A New Particle Detector Built at the Weizmann Institute of Science Will Help Probe the Primordial Universe When the first matter came into being right after the Big Bang, what was it like? It may not have been quite as sc ...

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Green machine drives for ultra fuel savings

This is what cars of the future or at least a family’s second car should look like, according to University of Queensland students. It's called the UltraCommuter - a clean, light, solar-electric concept car ...

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Common beliefs about gender and health

Lay perceptions about gender differences in health are the subject of new research published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE), edited in the Department of Social Medicine at Bristol University. Professor Sal ...

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