Archive: 04/19/2005

Spontaneous ignition discovery has ORNL researcher fired up

Zhiyu Hu believes it is possible to match nature's highly efficient method to convert chemicals into thermal energy at room temperature, and he has data and a published paper to support his theory. In a paper scheduled to ...

Apr 19, 2005
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Nanotubes and Energy - Hype or Hope?

Cientifica - the world's leading nanotechnology information company - released today the most comprehensive global study ever undertaken of the market and technology impact of carbon nanotubes on the energy sector.

Apr 19, 2005
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Making video easier to search and find

Imagine a computer system that can automatically search through videos of football matches and pull out all the shots on goal or all the fouls. Creating the elements that make such a system possible is a key result from the ...

Apr 19, 2005
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Rising carbon dioxide levels increase risks to satellites

Climate change is widely attributed to the build-up of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, scientists from the School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Southampton have ...

Apr 19, 2005
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Scientists propose new method for studying ion channel kinetics

Scientists working at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a new method for the study of ion channel gating kinetics. An ion channel is a protein pore that lets ions (charged atoms such as calcium) pass through a ...

Apr 19, 2005
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Is the Universe stuck in a Groundhog Day?

The idea of a cyclical universe is controversial but a leading researcher believes we really could be stuck in a never-ending loop. Speaking at the Institute of Physics conference Physics 2005, Professor Paul Steinhardt presented ...

Apr 19, 2005
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S-LCD Begins Shipment of 7th Generation TFT LCD Panels

S-LCD Corporation today began shipment of mass production Generation 7 amorphous TFT LCD modules to its parent companies, Samsung Electronics and Sony. S-LCD was established on April 26th 2004 by an equal joint investment by ...

Apr 19, 2005
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NEC Announces 2.7-Inch QVGA LCDs for Mobile Applications

NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. today announced that sample shipments of its 2.7-inch (6.8cm diagonal), quarter video graphic array ("QVGA"), amorphous silicon thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display ("TFT ...

Apr 19, 2005
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Nanomagnets bend the rules

Nanocomposite materials seem to flout conventions of physics. In the latest example of surprising behavior, reported* by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Brookhaven National Laboratory, ...

Apr 19, 2005
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