Archive: 04/19/2005

Nanotubes and Energy - Hype or Hope?

Cientifica - the world's leading nanotechnology information company - released today the most comprehensive global study ever undertaken of the market and technology impact of carbon nanotubes on the energy sector.

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Making video easier to search and find

Imagine a computer system that can automatically search through videos of football matches and pull out all the shots on goal or all the fouls. Creating the elements that make such a system possible is a key result from the ...

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Is the Universe stuck in a Groundhog Day?

The idea of a cyclical universe is controversial but a leading researcher believes we really could be stuck in a never-ending loop. Speaking at the Institute of Physics conference Physics 2005, Professor Paul Steinhardt presented ...

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S-LCD Begins Shipment of 7th Generation TFT LCD Panels

S-LCD Corporation today began shipment of mass production Generation 7 amorphous TFT LCD modules to its parent companies, Samsung Electronics and Sony. S-LCD was established on April 26th 2004 by an equal joint investment by ...

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Nanomagnets bend the rules

Nanocomposite materials seem to flout conventions of physics. In the latest example of surprising behavior, reported* by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Brookhaven National Laboratory, ...

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