Archive: 19/03/2008

Depressed caregivers hostile, not warm, to children

A new study in the journal Family Process reveals that caregivers with moderate to severe depressive symptoms showed greater hostility and less warmth. The study focused on caregivers of low-income children with persistent ...

dateMar 19, 2008 in Other
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Robot fetches objects with just a point and a click

Robots are fluent in their native language of 1 and 0 absolutes but struggle to grasp the nuances and imprecise nature of human language. While scientists are making slow, incremental progress in their quest to create a robot ...

dateMar 19, 2008 in Robotics
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Food insecurity linked with HIV/AIDS in Africa

Determining how the HIV/AIDS epidemic increases food insecurity in African cities – and what can be done to reduce the chances of this happening –is the focus of a new, international Queen’s-led project.

dateMar 19, 2008 in HIV & AIDS
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