Archive: 18/10/2006

Australia studies work-life balances

Australian experts say they are developing a practical measure of work-life balance across cultures for use by Australian industries and governments.

dateOct 18, 2006 in Other
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Spy software used in call centers

Forrester Research of Cambridge, Mass., said sales of "emotion detection" technology to corporate call centers has reached $400 million annually.

dateOct 18, 2006 in Software
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Primitive fish found surprisingly advanced

Australian scientists studying spectacularly preserved fossils of the lobe-finned fish Gogonasus have discovered some unexpectedly advanced features.

dateOct 18, 2006 in
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Planet-Finding by Numbers

More than a decade after the first planets beyond our solar system were found, astronomers have discovered about 200 of these "extrasolar planets," as they're called. Using a common-sense definition of potentially habitable ...

dateOct 18, 2006 in Astronomy
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