Archive: 09/18/2007

Subprime problems signal trouble ahead, research shows

If it seems as though sub-prime mortgage loans stirred up trouble in the financial markets, just wait until debt problems spill over onto household spending. According to economists Barry Cynamon and Steven Fazzari, America's ...

Sep 18, 2007
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2007 looks like year of 'malware'

The problem of malicious software or malware appears to be getting exponentially worse. So far this year, IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) X-Force research and development team has identified more than 210,000 new malware ...

Sep 18, 2007
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Hazards of using crib bumper pads outweigh their benefits

Although bumper pads are theoretically designed to prevent injury to a baby while in the crib or bassinet, the risk of accidental death or injury to an infant from using them outweighs their possible benefits, according to ...

Sep 18, 2007
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FDA sends Procter & Gamble a warning

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration has warned the Procter & Gamble Co. about claims it makes for its Vicks Early Defense Foaming Hand Sanitizer.

Sep 18, 2007
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