Archive: 04/18/2006

RIM head to speak at GLOBALCOMM

Research In Motion President Mike Lazaridis is slated to give the GLOBALCOMM 2006 keynote address, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association.

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NEWS, but not as we know it

It will mean stories can be defined, on the fly, with a precision greater than a library's card catalogue. The News Engine Web Services (NEWS) platform is aimed at news agencies, governments and large enterprises and will ...

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Simulation Breakthrough: When Black Holes Collide

NASA scientists have reached a breakthrough in computer modeling that allows them to simulate what gravitational waves from merging black holes look like. The three-dimensional simulations, the largest astrophysical ...

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Lenovo and Microsoft Reaffirm Global Agreement

Senior executives from Lenovo Group Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. met today to reaffirm their joint efforts for market development and to formally sign a global agreement that expands and deepens the strategic cooperation ...

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Google, Sony create online 'Da Vinci' game

In a new twist on movie marketing, Columbia Pictures has paired up with Google to create a series of live online games and puzzles for fans to partake in, leading up to the release of "The Da Vinci Code" next ...

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SAIC finishes aquisition of GSTI

Research company Science Applications International Corporation announced Tuesday it has completed its acquisition of Geo-Spatial Technologies Inc.

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