Archive: 18/03/2011

New insights into cell death

A Cardiff team has contributed to a study of a novel model of cell death which helps to explain how cells in the breast die through an archaic mechanism that is relevant to breast cancer.

dateMar 18, 2011 in Cell & Microbiology
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The private world of astronomy's faded star

Hundreds of papers, letters, and other materials which belonged to Sir Fred Hoyle -- the astronomer who coined the phrase "Big Bang" -- are being released to the public for the first time.

dateMar 18, 2011 in Other
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The nuclear crisis and Japan's government

The response of Japan’s government to its multiple unfolding disasters has been better than its past performance in moments of crisis, but the country’s political leaders still have a long way to go to manage events ...

dateMar 18, 2011 in Other
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Pollen also appears outside flowering season

"There is of course a very close relationship between the moment at which pollen is released by plants and the data gathered by the traps used to measure these grains, but this is not always the case", Rafael Tormo, a botanist ...

dateMar 18, 2011 in Plants & Animals
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