Archive: 01/18/2008

Face facts: People don't stand out in crowds

Why is it difficult to pick out even a familiar face in a crowd? We all experience this, but the phenomenon has been poorly understood until now. The results of a recent study may have implications for individuals with face-recognition ...

Jan 18, 2008
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Recalled toy beads still available in the UK, warn doctors

Toy beads that were internationally recalled last year, after concerns that they may be coated with a dangerous chemical, are still being advertised on toy shop websites for purchase in the UK, warn doctors in this week’s ...

Jan 18, 2008
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Value of drugs for pre-osteoporosis exaggerated

A series of recent scientific publications have exaggerated the benefits and underplayed the harms of drugs to treat pre-osteoporosis or “osteopenia” potentially encouraging treatment in millions of low risk women, warn ...

Jan 18, 2008
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Virtual biopsy cuts out need for diagnostic surgery

A non-invasive diagnostic tool to detect surface cancers quickly and painlessly using technology currently employed by gyms to calculate body composition has been developed by a QUT PhD medical physics researcher.

Jan 18, 2008
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World's biggest heart model simulated

Researchers from the Université de Montréal have used a supercomputer to conduct the largest-ever mathematical simulation of the electrical activity of a human heart – a 2 billion element model – to provide new insight ...

Jan 18, 2008
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