Archive: 01/18/2008

Latex banned at Johns Hopkins Hospital

The landmark Baltimore hospital where latex gloves were invented has become the first major medical institution in the United States to ban latex products.

Jan 18, 2008
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Will the vAMP replace the CD?

While some people might argue that the CD has already been replaced by the MP3, music stores want to think otherwise. The digital device manufacturer MediaStreet has recently announced a product that it hopes ...

Jan 18, 2008 weblog
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Further breakthroughs for breast cancer patients

Researchers at the Tenovus Centre for Cancer Research at Cardiff University have made a breakthrough in breast cancer treatment that could help save the lives of women who become resistant to breast cancer drugs such as tamoxifen.

Jan 18, 2008
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Prostate cancer treatment draws fire

U.S. medical tourists are headed to Latin American health clinics to receive a controversial prostate cancer treatment not approved in the United States.

Jan 18, 2008
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Inaccurate cancer tests leave two dead

Inaccurate cancer tests may have contributed to the deaths of two people and thousands must be retested after a North Wales doctor misread test results.

Jan 18, 2008
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