Archive: 11/17/2005

DNA Studies Show Microevolution in Penguins

By comparing the genetic code retrieved from 6,000-year-old remains of Adelie penguins in Antarctica with that of modern Adelies living at the same site as their ancestors, an international team of researchers ...

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Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-ray Sensor Performance

A series of copper ridges nearly doubles the resolution of experimental X-ray sensors, enabling more precise identification of the X-ray “fingerprints” of different atoms, researchers at the National Institute ...

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IBM's China-win claim irks HP

For IBM, winning its single-biggest contract in China is something to be immensely proud of, and they are understandably eager to publicize it widely, but rival Hewlett Packard is disputing Big Blue's claim that it seized ...

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Los Alamos contract to be decided soon

The fate of U.S. nuclear exploration is waiting on the Department of Energy to decide who will get a contract to operate Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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