Archive: 11/17/2005

Cingular's bid for more Internet use

The United States lags behind Europe and Japan when it comes to using cell phones, as U.S. users often are content simply to use their mobile handsets simply as phones on the go. Their European and Japanese counterparts, ...

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Researcher uncovers new gene for fear factor

Rutgers geneticist Gleb Shumyatsky has discovered a gene that controls both innate and learned forms of fear. The gene, known as Stathmin or Oncoprotein 18, is highly concentrated in the amygdala, a key region of the brain ...

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Study: Global warming real, taking toll

A study published Thursday shows global warming is taking a toll on the world -- 150,000 deaths annually -- mostly in underdeveloped countries. And the number could double in 25 years.

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Security firms react to rootkit

Following a week of extensive public criticism, Sony BMG's problems continued as class-action lawsuits and public letters were released in response to an anti-piracy program found on a number of its music ...

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