Archive: 10/17/2007

Scientists spy enzyme that makes us unique

Have you ever wondered why you inherited your mother’s smile but not your father’s height? Researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Dundee are one step closer to unravelling how nature combines both maternal and paternal ...

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Researchers discover the dawn of animal vision

The findings are published in this week’s issue of the scientific journal PLoS ONE. The scientists studied the aquatic animal Hydra, a member of Cnidaria, which are animals that have existed for hundreds ...

Oct 17, 2007 4.3 / 5 (8) 1

A new baseline of invasive plants in Isabela

Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) botanists have published a list of all the introduced plants growing in Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island, the third largest town in Galapagos. 261 species were recorded, 39 of which were found ...

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