Archive: 10/17/2005

Is America's oil age already waning?

The United States is at a crossroads: Americans want more oil, but they are split on whether it's worth the international political cost or the environmental damage. The situation seems hopeless, unless you're a geologically ...

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MIT space cameras take first pictures

X-ray cameras designed by MIT astrophysicists are a key component of a new instrument aboard an orbiting Japanese observatory that will probe the secrets of such phenomena as exploding stars.

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Sanyo Epson Develops High-Resolution LCDs

Sanyo Epson has announced the development of three new high-resolution LCDs featuring "Photo Fine Chromarich" technology that achieves more than 100% coverage of the NTSC color gamut. Mass production of the ...

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Cyber Cowboys And Virtual Shepherds

Three recently patented CSIRO inventions are set to provide farmers with the ability to monitor and herd their livestock with no more effort than the push of a laptop button.

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New site features 'live' images from Mars

A new Web site at ASU provides the public and scientists “live” views of Mars. A scrolling panel that runs continually at shows visual and infrared images of Mars as they are received ...

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