Archive: 10/17/2005

Scientists detect 'milky sea' phenomena

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory's Marine Meteorology Division in Monterey, CA, (NRL-Monterey), working with researchers from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the National Geophysical Data Center, presented ...

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DZero: Elusive Top Quark Discovery

They came from institutions worldwide, built the world's most powerful accelerator, smashed tiny bits of matter together at nearly the speed of light and produced something remarkable: a fundamental particle that was abundantly ...

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Spirit Wiggles Into Position

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit completed a difficult, rocky ascent en route to reaching a captivating rock outcrop nicknamed "Hillary" at the summit of "Husband Hill."

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Networking: E-mail is the 'new telephone'

Ten years ago Mark J. Grossman's office was alive with the sound of ringing phones and chatter from account executives placing sales calls. "The prevailing sound today is 'click, click, click,'" said Grossman, who heads Grossman ...

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Britain's top prizes for physics announced

Research that revealed for the first time that the Earth’s core is almost as hot as the Sun, groundbreaking new work on cosmic strings and black holes, and a scientist who believes he could build a viable desktop quantum ...

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