Archive: 07/17/2008

Researchers Discover Remnant of an Ancient 'RNA World'

( -- Some bacterial cells can swim, morph into new forms and even become dangerously virulent - all without initial involvement of DNA. Yale University researchers describe Friday in the journal ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Iceberg Scour Affects Biodiversity

Antarctic worms, sea spiders, urchins and other marine creatures living in near-shore shallow habitats are regularly pounded by icebergs. New data suggests this environment along the Antarctic Peninsula is ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Measures to help species cope with climate change?

Many species must move to new areas to survive climate change. Often, this seems impossible. Species stranded on mountain tops in southern Europe that are becoming too hot for them, for instance, are unlikely to be able ...

Jul 17, 2008
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RFID unlocks supply chain potential

( -- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) promises to revolutionise retailing through advanced stock management, sophisticated promotions and supply chain optimisation. But cost-effective solutions have proved ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Emotional robots in the spotlight

( -- A robot with empathy sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but with the aid of neural networks European researchers are developing robots in tune with our emotions. The tantalising work ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Three Red Spots Mix it Up on Jupiter

( -- This sequence of Hubble Space Telescope images offers an unprecedented view of a planetary game of Pac-Man among three red spots clustered together in Jupiter's atmosphere.

Jul 17, 2008
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EPA releases report on climate change and health

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a report that discusses the potential impacts of climate change on human health, human welfare, and communities in the U.S. The report, entitled "Analyses of the Effects ...

Jul 17, 2008
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