Archive: 07/17/2008

Predicting the distribution of creatures great and small

In studying how animals change size as they evolve, biologists have unearthed several interesting patterns. For instance, most species are small, but the largest members of a taxonomic group -- such as the great white shark, ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Bullying-suicide link explored in new study

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have found signs of an apparent connection between bullying, being bullied and suicide in children, according to a new review of studies from 13 countries published in the International Jo ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Research Reveals Patterns of Terrorist Preparation

Analysis of an extensive terrorism database housed at the University of Arkansas has revealed patterns in activities of terrorists preparing for an attack, information that can be invaluable for law enforcement agencies seeking ...

Jul 17, 2008
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When Fish Talk, Scientists Listen

( -- A male midshipman, a close relative of the toadfish, doesn't need good looks to attract a mate – just a nice voice. After building a nest for his potential partner, he calls to nearby females ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Research Publications Online: Too Much of A Good Thing?

The Internet gives scientists and researchers instant access to an astonishing number of academic journals. So what is the impact of having such a wealth of information at their fingertips? The answer, according ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Professor explores social behavior and business misdeeds

( -- Corporate misconduct can be the stuff of high drama. But prevailing theory has it that "settling up," the process of meting out consequences for corporate misdeeds, is largely determined by quite rational, ...

Jul 17, 2008
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