Archive: 05/17/2007

Soft contacts designed for cone-shaped cornea

Custom-designed contacts improved vision for subjects with keratoconic eyes and offer hope of nonsurgical treatment instead of corneal transplants. University of Rochester researchers describe the custom design techniques ...

May 17, 2007
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Tracking a hot spot

Using a state-of-the-art satellite imagery technique, researchers are able to more precisely predict volcanic activity, bringing them steps closer to understanding where an eruption may occur. A new research study, titled ...

May 17, 2007
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New bacteria discovered in tar pits

U.S. environmental scientists have discovered the Rancho La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles contain hundreds of new species of unusual bacteria.

May 17, 2007
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Lipoic acid explored as anti-aging compound

Researchers said today they have identified the mechanism of action of lipoic acid, a remarkable compound that in animal experiments appears to slow down the process of aging, improve blood flow, enhance immune function and ...

May 17, 2007
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Clock gene plays role in weight gain, study finds

Scientists at the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Wisconsin have discovered that a gene that participates in the regulation of the body’s biological rhythms may also be a major control in regulating metabolism. ...

May 17, 2007
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Latent memory of cells comes to life

New Danish research has examined the mechanisms behind latent cell memory, which can come to life and cause previously non-existent capacities suddenly to appear. Special yeast cells for example, can abruptly ...

May 17, 2007
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WinHEC: Day One Recap

Windows Home Server, PnP-X, UMPCs, and Hybrid hard drives are just some of the technology we checked out during day one of the show.

May 17, 2007
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Where Will All the IT Cowboys Go?

According to Forrester Research, businesses will soon become so deeply embodied in technology that it will change the role of the IT professional, pushing those who live and die by tech alone out to the fringes.

May 17, 2007
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