Archive: 04/17/2007

Intel Aims High at IDF

On the first day of the Intel Developer Forum, the company details several new products on its road map, including its 45-nm "Penryn" processors and its new System on a Chip technology. Intel is working to show that there ...

Apr 17, 2007
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Ubuntu 7.04 to Arrive April 19

For Linux business users, the most important Linux release of 2007 so far is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. But for most other Linux fans, the upcoming release of Ubuntu Version 7.04 on April 19 demands more attention.

Apr 17, 2007
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NASA Aims for 4 Shuttle Flights in 2007

NASA has announced a revised launch schedule for the upcoming Space Shuttle missions. The revised schedule follows a review of repairs to the insulation on the Shuttle's external fuel tank, which was damaged ...

Apr 17, 2007
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Researchers find 'large is smart' when it comes to cities

Cities are considered by many to be a blessing and a curse. Large cities generate considerable wealth, they are home to many high paying jobs and are seen as engines of innovation. But cities also generate pollution, crime ...

Apr 17, 2007
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