Archive: 04/17/2007

The Drive for Data Protection

Not finished with updating your organization's payroll for the day? No problem - just save the documents to a USB thumb drive, drop the drive in your briefcase, stick it in one of your family PC's USB slots and finish up ...

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Sage Adds to ACT Product Line

Sage has launched its Act by Sage Premium Dual Access, a single software license that allows small and midsize businesses, workgroups and sales teams to have constant online/offline access to their databases.

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Researchers: Botnets Getting Beefier

Botnets are moving to more resilient architectures and more sophisticated encryption that will make them even harder to track and fight, researchers say at HotBots, a Usenix event.

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Post oak grasshoppers emerging

They're not afraid of heights, they're voracious, and Dr. Spencer Behmer wants to know if you've seen them hanging out in oak trees or on your house. They're post oak grasshoppers, and Behmer, a Texas Agricultural Experiment ...

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