Archive: 16/08/2007

Is ultrasound as useful as we think?

The usefulness of foetal 'nuchal thickness' as a technique for attempting to diagnose Down's syndrome in obstetric ultrasound is overstated and reliance on this surrogate marker may result in the 'loss' of normal babies.

dateAug 16, 2007 in Other
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Birth records hold pancreatic cancer clue

Pregnancies in Jerusalem in the 1960s and 1970s may hold vital clues about how pancreatic cancer and diabetes are linked. According to research published in the online open access journal BMC Medicine, women with a history ...

dateAug 16, 2007 in Cancer
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Fat still on the children's menu

Parents should think twice before offering a low-fat menu to youngsters, despite concerns over obesity. Children burn more body fat than adults for each calorie spent, according to research in the online open access publication, ...

dateAug 16, 2007 in Health
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