Archive: 16/07/2008

NIU engineers make micro-milling affordable

( -- The Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology has created a new micro-milling machine that could open doors for small machine shops looking to manufacture the tiny parts ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in Engineering
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Can you be born a couch potato?

The key to good health is to be physically active. The key to being active is… to be born that way? The well-documented importance of exercise in maintaining fitness has created the idea that individuals can manage their ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in Genetics
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Balance problems? Step into the iShoe

( -- Your grandmother might have little in common with an astronaut, but both could benefit from a new device an MIT graduate student is designing to test balancing ability.

dateJul 16, 2008 in Engineering
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Mars Express to rendezvous with Martian moon

( -- Scientists and engineers are preparing ESA’s Mars Express for a pair of close fly-bys of the Martian moon Phobos. Passing within 100 km of the surface, Mars Express will conduct some of the most detailed ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Ouch! Taking a shot at plague

Endangered black-footed ferrets, like children, aren't exactly lining up to be stuck with a vaccine, but in an effort to help control an extensive outbreak of plague in South Dakota, some of the ferrets are getting dosed ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in
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People only eat 1 when the chips are brown

Dr. Don Henne isn't wasting his degree when he's standing by the deep fryer waiting for potato slices to turn brown. He's conducting research that will help the potato industry and consumers.

dateJul 16, 2008 in Other
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