Archive: 07/16/2008

Probing Question: Fishhooks of addiction

When the American writer Theodore Roethke taught at Penn State from 1936 to 1943, he was known for three things: being a good poet, coaching the men’s tennis team, and falling down drunk, perhaps the latter more than the ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in Other
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A Better Shot at Immunization

A new immunization strategy could reduce the vaccine doses needed to protect a population from disease (and reduce the antivirus updates required to protect a network of computers) by as much as 50%.

dateJul 16, 2008 in General Physics
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NIU engineers make micro-milling affordable

( -- The Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology has created a new micro-milling machine that could open doors for small machine shops looking to manufacture ...

dateJul 16, 2008 in Engineering
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