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Hungry cells

People who suffer from Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, a rare inherited cancer syndrome, develop gastrointestinal polyps and are predisposed to colon cancer and other tumor types. Carefully tracing the cellular chain-of-command ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Cancer
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Gating the tides in yeast

Water is a crucial ingredient for life, but its level inside cells must be carefully regulated to maintain proper cell shape and size. In this week's issue of the open access journal PLoS Biology, scientists from the Univer ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Cell & Microbiology
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Carl Linnaeus invented the index card

As a consequence of overseas discoveries, early modern scientists faced serious information overload. The sheer amount of exotic, hitherto unknown species reaching the shores of Europe forced naturalists to reconsider the ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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MIT slows concrete creep to a crawl

MIT civil engineers have for the first time identified what causes the most frequently used building material on earth — concrete — to gradually deform, decreasing its durability and shortening the lifespan of infrastructures ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Engineering
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CBO: Senate bill $1 trillion over 10 years

(AP) -- A leading health care bill under consideration in Congress would cost the government an estimated $1 trillion over the next decade and reduce the ranks of the uninsured by about one-third, or 16 million individuals, ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Health
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Calcium -- the secret to honeybees' memory

Long-term memory formation in honeybees is instigated by a calcium ion cascade. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Biology have shown that calcium acts as a switch between short- and long-term storage of lea ...

dateJun 16, 2009 in Cell & Microbiology
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