Archive: 01/16/2007

Study: Young teens thrive in college

A new study shows U.S. students who enter college at 12 to 14 years of age no longer fit the stereotype of unhappy, humorless and isolated "nerds."

Jan 16, 2007
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Dangerous wheat disease jumps Red Sea

A new form of stem rust, a virulent wheat disease, has jumped from eastern Africa and is now infecting wheat in Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula.

Jan 16, 2007
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Small molecule offers big hope against cancer

DCA is an odourless, colourless, inexpensive, relatively non-toxic, small molecule. And researchers at the University of Alberta believe it may soon be used as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer.

Jan 16, 2007
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New fat, same old problem with an added twist?

Last month, New York City outlawed the use of partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, in restaurants, a ban now under consideration in other cities, including Boston and Chicago. But novel research conducted in ...

Jan 16, 2007
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Scientists create wrinkled 'skin' on polymers

Applied scientists demonstrated a new method for developing wrinkled hard skins on the surface areas of polymers using a focused ion beam. By controlling the direction and intensity of the ion beam, the researchers ...

Jan 16, 2007
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Lead with a poisonous electron shield

It has been speculated that lead poisoning may have played a role in the fall of the Roman Empire: it is thought to have been caused by the concentration of grape juice in lead containers. Though the introduction of lead-free ...

Jan 16, 2007
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