Archive: 15/12/2006

ESA mission controllers react to solar flare

An energetic storm on the Sun has forced ESA mission controllers to react to anomalies or take action to avoid damage to spacecraft. Several missions, including Integral, Cluster and Envisat, felt the storm's effects, highlighting ...

dateDec 15, 2006 in Space Exploration
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Organic calf born in New Hampshire

A bouncing, 42-pound organic calf was born at the University of New Hampshire's organic research farm, university officials said.

dateDec 15, 2006 in
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Underground air might cause DNA damage

Our everyday environments are full of airborne particles that are harmful to varying degrees when inhaled. Particularly damaging to our cellular DNA are the particles from the underground system in Stockholm, Sweden, according ...

dateDec 15, 2006 in Medical research
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