Archive: 12/15/2006

Organic calf born in New Hampshire

A bouncing, 42-pound organic calf was born at the University of New Hampshire's organic research farm, university officials said.

Dec 15, 2006
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Underground air might cause DNA damage

Our everyday environments are full of airborne particles that are harmful to varying degrees when inhaled. Particularly damaging to our cellular DNA are the particles from the underground system in Stockholm, Sweden, according ...

Dec 15, 2006
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Molecular Solomon’s Knot

It has been a beloved symbol for centuries, prized as an ornament found in engravings and embroidery, mosaics, and tattoos—and now as a molecule: Solomon’s knot, a motif consisting of two doubly intertwined rings.

Dec 15, 2006
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New hope for wrinkles

A new anti-aging ingredient developed by Australian researchers is expected to be available in skin products next year. The new additive - gamma glutamyl cysteine (GGC) - is a precursor for an effective antioxidant known ...

Dec 15, 2006
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