Archive: 12/15/2006

How Do Multiple-Star Systems Form?

Astronomers have used the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope to image a young, multiple-star system with unprecedented detail, yielding important clues about how such systems ...

Dec 15, 2006
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As fast as a shark in water

With the help of tiny ridge-like structures in their scales, sharks are able to minimize drag when swimming. A new coating system takes advantage of this “riblet effect” to improve the aerodynamics of vehicles and aircraft.

Dec 15, 2006
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A train on the street

Streetcar or bus? The AutoTram® offers the best of both: Up to 36 meters long, it can carry as many passengers as a streetcar while being as versatile as a bus. A flywheel energy storage system absorbs part ...

Dec 15, 2006
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'Clumping' protein linked to return of ovarian cancer

Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered that women treated for ovarian cancer are at increased risk of a rapid and potentially fatal recurrence if their tumor cells have high levels of a binding protein that triggers abnormal ...

Dec 15, 2006
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Too much Christmas cheer?

Christmas is a time when the drinks flow freely- there are more parties than usual and the temptation is to overindulge a little.

Dec 15, 2006
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