Archive: 15/09/2008

New data on melanoma treatment

People who carry a particular genetic variant are at significantly increased risk of developing malignant melanoma, new research shows.

dateSep 15, 2008 in Cancer
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New study says high grain prices are likely here to stay

An ethanol-fueled spike in grain prices will likely hold, yielding the first sustained increase for corn, wheat and soybean prices in more than three decades, according to new research by two University of Illinois farm economists.

dateSep 15, 2008 in Other
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Genetic profile reveals susceptibility to cleft palate

For the first time, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine have identified a series of genetic mutations that appear to be linked to significant risk for cleft palate and other dental abnormalities. ...

dateSep 15, 2008 in Genetics
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