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Why we vote the way we do

( -- So you're standing in the election booth. You look at the names in front of you: McCain and Obama. Chances are, by now you know who you're going to vote for. But what went into that decision?

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Spooky Hurricane Science

There's a special room at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Researchers call it the "Anechoic Chamber" and they love to test their high-tech instruments there. Normal people think it's just plain spooky. "In ...

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Better hams with space technology

Space technology is now being used to help Spanish ham experts ensure that hams awarded the highly prized ‘jamon’ label are worthy of the name. Technology used to measure the liquid shift that occurs in ...

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3M Launches First Pocket Projector

3M will launch their MPro110 mini projector later this month. With its composite video input, you can use it for presentations, playing games, or watching movies. You can even connect you iPod to the projector ...

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