Archive: 06/15/2011

A knockout resource for mouse genetics

An international consortium of researchers report today in Nature that they have knocked out almost 40 per cent of the genes in the mouse genome. The completed resource will power studies of gene activity in models of hum ...

dateJun 15, 2011 in Biotechnology
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Asia-wide crackdown on fraud rings

Top-level police officials across Asia had been in contact for months as they prepared a sweeping crackdown on fraud rings in half a dozen countries. Last week, they finally struck.

dateJun 15, 2011 in Internet
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Ups and downs, at Israel 'longest yo-yo' contest

There could only be one winner -- one yo-yo to rule them all -- but this was no ordinary yo-yo competition, with each one dangling from a 65-foot (20-metre) rope, suspended on a crane.

dateJun 15, 2011 in Other
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Lookout beefs up smartphone defenses

Lookout Mobile Security on Wednesday began protecting smartphones from tricksters and booby-trapped websites as people increasingly access the Internet on the go.

dateJun 15, 2011 in Software
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Longterm kidney threat in E. coli victims

(AP) -- As Europe's E. coli crisis wanes, some experts are now warning of a looming threat: possible long-term kidney complications for many of the victims.

dateJun 15, 2011 in Health
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