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Size matters, say condom experts

A large minority of male condom users complain that ill-fitting prophylactics are liable to split and break during intercourse and be a sexual turnoff, researchers said on Tuesday.

dateFeb 15, 2010 in Health
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Cows: More freedom may mean less milk

'Free-stall', untied cattle in small herds produce less milk than cows tied to their stalls but have a higher reproductive performance and suffer less teat injuries and metabolic diseases. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's ...

dateFeb 15, 2010 in Other
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Neonatal and infant circumcision: Safe in the right hands

How safe is circumcision? A systematic review, published in the open access journal BMC Urology has found that neonatal and infant circumcision by trained staff rarely results in problems. Risks can be higher among older ...

dateFeb 15, 2010 in Other
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Little Fish, Big Science

( -- The zebrafish population at Duke is about to boom. It turns out those puny, striped fish (they get their name honestly) that dart around many a household aquarium are ideal specimens for unraveling ...

dateFeb 15, 2010 in Biotechnology
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Study: Secondary stroke prevention needs improvement

New research finds that one out of 12 people who have a stroke will likely soon have another stroke, and one out of four will likely die within one year. Researchers say the findings highlight the vital need for better secondary ...

dateFeb 15, 2010 in Neuroscience
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