Archive: 12/14/2007

Aging gracefully requires taking out the trash

Suppressing a cellular cleanup-mechanism known as autophagy can accelerate the accumulation of protein aggregates that leads to neural degeneration. In an upcoming issue of Autophagy, scientists at the Sa ...

Dec 14, 2007
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How molecular muscles help cells divide

Time-lapse videos and computer simulations provide the first concrete molecular explanation of how a cell flexes tiny muscle-like structures to pinch itself into two daughter cells at the end of each cell division, according ...

Dec 14, 2007
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Theorists make discovery in odd triplet pairing

In a paper which will shortly appear in Physical Review Letters, School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Oriol Valls along with lead author Klaus Halterman (China Lake, Naval Warfare Center) and co-author Paul Barsic (Unive ...

Dec 14, 2007
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Technology Start-Ups Get Tips on Starting Out

Talk more about business and less about technology. Have a solid team. And consider calling on angels. Those were some of the key lessons at a UT Dallas workshop last week for would-be entrepreneurs seeking capital to turn ...

Dec 14, 2007
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