Archive: 09/13/2006

Electric Ice

Here's something fun to try in your kitchen: Go to the freezer, open the door and pry loose an ice cube. Next, look around the freezing compartment for some frost—the crystalline fuzz that loves to coat your ...

Sep 13, 2006
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NASA Sees Rapid Changes in Arctic Sea Ice

NASA data shows that Arctic perennial sea ice, which normally survives the summer melt season and remains year-round, shrunk abruptly by 14 percent between 2004 and 2005. According to researchers, the loss of perennial ice ...

Sep 13, 2006
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What's next for gene therapy? Plastic

Gene therapy depends upon foreign DNA, even viruses, to deliver genes, therapeutic proteins, or medicine to cells within the body. Many scientists are looking for better chaperones across the cell membrane. Virginia Tech ...

Sep 13, 2006
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