Archive: 09/13/2006

GM rice from U.S. found in EU

Genetically modified rice from the United States has been found in the European Union, in violation of a ban on import, growth and sale of such crops.

dateSep 13, 2006 in Health
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ISS Astronauts Wrap Up Second Spacewalk

The second STS-115 spacewalk is now in the history books. STS-115 Mission Specialists Dan Burbank and Steve MacLean concluded the spacewalk at 12:16 p.m. EDT after continued efforts to prepare the International ...

dateSep 13, 2006 in Space Exploration
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Biologists probe the machinery of cellular protein factories

Proteins of all sizes and shapes do most of the work in living cells, and the DNA sequences in genes spell out the instructions for making those proteins. The crucial job of reading the genetic instructions and synthesizing ...

dateSep 13, 2006 in
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