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Nano World: Public attitudes toward nano

When it comes to nanotechnology, the U.S. public apparently looks forward most to advanced medical applications that save lives and improved consumer goods that enhance quality of life, experts told UPI's Nano World.

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Oracle's Siebel buyout might stifle creativity

Software group Oracle's bid for Siebel Systems for a cool $5.85 billion Monday was greeted by many Wall Street analysts as a signal of the return of mega-mergers and better still -- renewed confidence in the information technology ...

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The car 'learns' to see and understand

Siemens VDO Automotive presents an ergonomic network of driver assistance systems at the 61st IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. As the volume of traffic on the road increases, will help assist drivers by warning them ...

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3D display-on-mobile becomes reality

3D displays on mobile phones are set to become a reality with the development by Philips 3D Solutions of the IC3D display signal processing chip. 3D display on mobile provides a richer, more exciting, and more entertaining ...

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Humanity in transition

2005, Joel Cohen says, is the midpoint of a historic decade. Before this decade, young people always outnumbered older people; rural residents always outnumbered city dwellers; and the median number of women per child always ...

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