Archive: 03/13/2008

All eyes and ears on the corn genome

A consortium of researchers led by the Genome Sequencing Center (GSC) at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., announced today the completion of a draft sequence of the corn genome.

Mar 13, 2008
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Rate of escalator injuries to older adults has doubled

In the first large scale national study of escalator-related injuries to older adults, researchers led by Joseph O’Neil, M.D., MPH, and Greg Steele, Dr.PH., MPH, of the Indiana University School of Medicine, report that ...

Mar 13, 2008
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Reptiles' Muscles Move Lungs for Sneaky Maneuvers in Water

Without a ripple in the water, alligators dive, surface or roll sideways, even though they lack flippers or fins. University of Utah biologists discovered gators maneuver silently by using their diaphragm, ...

Mar 13, 2008
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Compound removes radioactive material from power plant waste

Strontium 90 is a common radioactive by-product of fission in nuclear power plants. When extracted from the reactor along with other isotopes, a mixture is created made up of the radioactive material and inert ions like sodium ...

Mar 13, 2008
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