Archive: 11/12/2007

Smokers Urged to Kick Bad Habit in the Butt

More than 70 percent of all people who light cigarettes actually want to quit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, only 5 percent to 10 percent are successful on any given attempt. As the ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Arrives at Launch Pad

After safely reaching its launch pad Saturday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the space shuttle Atlantis now awaits its next major milestone for the upcoming STS-122 mission. The full launch dress rehearsal is scheduled from ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Research shows few children receive a healthy lunch

Only one in 10 school lunch boxes contains food that meets nutritional guidelines for children, new research has found. And bad news for parents who do make the effort to provide healthy food is that the study ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Ocean robots network achieves universal coverage

Scientist’s efforts to fathom how the oceans influence climate and fisheries productivity enter a new era this month with the milestone establishment of a network of 3,000 futuristic, 1.5-metre tall ocean robots operating ...

Nov 12, 2007
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'Dragon's blood' quenches stomach ulcer bacteria

“Dragon’s blood” may sound like an exotic ingredient in a witch’s brew or magic potion. But researchers in China are reporting that the material — which is actually a bright red plant sap used for ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Toward cancer drugs that penetrate 10 times deeper into the brain

A new drug-delivery system for cancer of the brain — one of the most difficult cancers to treat — has the potential to carry anticancer drugs 10 times deeper into tumors than conventional medications, researchers in Connecticut ...

Nov 12, 2007
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