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Laser can spot illness before symptoms appear

It may not rank among the top 10 causes of death, but decompression sickness can be fatal. Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear, a University of Houston professor is developing a laser-based system that can diagnose ...

Nov 12, 2007
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IBM's Blue Gene Pulls Away from the Pack

IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer sprinted to a new world record as it continued its four-year domination of the official TOP500 Supercomputer Sites list. The world’s fastest computer at Lawrence Livermore ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Finger-Friendly 'Tactile Interface' Could Aid

A Johns Hopkins researcher has joined experts from four other institutions who plan to create a dynamic electronic surface to allow blind or visually impaired people to "feel" mathematical graphs, diagrams and other visuals ...

Nov 12, 2007
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People who suffer from paralysis are confronted with many situations in which they need a helping hand.

Nov 12, 2007
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Scorpion Toxin Makes Fungus Deadly to Insect Pests

University of Maryland entomology professor Raymond St. Leger has discovered how to use scorpion genes to create a hypervirulent fungus that can kill specific insect pests, including mosquitoes that carry ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Move over, Cal Band! The marching cells are here

The University of California Marching Band's precision formations have new competition – a group of tiny cells altered by UC Berkeley chemists to spell out "Cal" in the one-millimeter field of a microscope ...

Nov 12, 2007
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Yellowstone viruses 'jump' between hot pools

A population study of microbes in Yellowstone National Park hot pools suggests viruses might be buoyed by steam to distant pools. The result, to be published online next week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of ...

Nov 12, 2007
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In the Blink of a Hurricane's Eye

Meteorologists' jaws dropped as Hurricane Humberto slammed the Texas shore early morning September 13, 2007. At first just a nameless tropical depression, the storm marshaled 85 mph winds and heavy rains in ...

Nov 12, 2007
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