Archive: 06/12/2008

Breaking new boundaries

A team led by scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge has developed an exciting new technique which may lead to a greater understanding of how drugs get in and out of the cells in our bodies. ...

dateJun 12, 2008 in
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Physicists produce quantum-entangled images

Using a convenient and flexible method for creating twin light beams, researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute of the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University ...

dateJun 12, 2008 in General Physics
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Membrane complexes take flight

Against currently held dogma, scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol have revealed that the interactions within membrane complexes can be maintained intact in the vacuum of a mass spectrometer. Their research ...

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Tests check out rescue robots' life-saving vision

To save lives, search and rescue robots crawling through the rubble of a collapsed building or surveying a chemical spill area must be capable of beaming back clear, easily interpretable images of what they "see" to operators ...

dateJun 12, 2008 in Other
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