Archive: 06/12/2006

Backs to the Future

New analysis of the language and gesture of South America's indigenous Aymara people indicates they have a concept of time opposite to all the world's studied cultures -- so that the past is ahead of them and ...

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GM hybrid peppers developed in Israel

Israeli researchers have produced genetically modified hybrid peppers that can be raised with minimal protection under moderate winter conditions.

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'Cool girls' valuable online ad targets

In the social hierarchy of high school, the cool girl reigns supreme, with those around her trying to be like her. This common imagery is not only true but is valuable information for advertisers, according to a recent study ...

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Networking: Investors eye power-line trend

Institutional and individual investors are eagerly examining prospects in the so-called broadband over power line (BPL) market and are helping finance proof-of-concept projects in the field, experts tell UPI's ...

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Ericsson sells defense business to Saab

Sweden's Ericsson will be selling its defense business to Saab. The electronics group will be selling Ericsson Microwave Systems AB as well as its 40-percent stake in Saab Ericsson Space to Saab. The deal is expected to ...

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