Archive: 06/12/2006

Qualcomm's dispute with Nokia heats up

The legal team at Qualcomm is gearing up for a battle on multiple fronts. On one hand, the San Diego-based mobile communications group has filed yet another lawsuit Monday against Finland's Nokia with the U.S. International ...

Jun 12, 2006
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Adobe Production Suite is rock solid

Adobe seeks to reclaim the title of best of breed PC Video application with the release of their new Adobe Production Studio Premium -- an almost dream suite of applications, but at a stratospheric price. The old adage you ...

Jun 12, 2006
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Coral Death Results from Bacteria Fed by Algae

Bacteria and algae are combining to kill coral –– and human activities are compounding the problem. Scientists have discovered an indirect microbial mechanism whereby bacteria kill coral with the help of ...

Jun 12, 2006
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Parallel evolution: proteins do it, too

Wings, spines, saber-like teeth—nature and the fossil record abound with examples of structures so useful they've evolved independently in a variety of animals. But scientists have debated whether examples of so-called ...

Jun 12, 2006
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy Formation

One hundred million years after the Big Bang, giant primordial stars heated, ionized, and pushed the gas around them to form present-day stars and galaxies. And now, for the first time, we can see it happening—in ...

Jun 12, 2006
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Nanoparticles Overcome Anticancer Drug Resistance

Too often, chemotherapy fails to cure cancer because some tumor cells develop resistance to multiple anticancer drugs. In most cases, resistance develops when cancer cells begin expressing a protein, known as p-glycoprotein, ...

Jun 12, 2006
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HIV vaccine might offer survival advantage

U.S. researchers say even if an HIV vaccine doesn't offer perfect protection against the virus, it might provide a survival advantage after infection.

Jun 12, 2006
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Health-care chips could get under your skin

It seems like something out of an X Files script - a person's health-care information encoded into a tiny chip and implanted beneath the skin - but it's no script, says one health ethicist.

Jun 12, 2006
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