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Article Examines a Disputed Einstein Paper

Apparently, even Einstein wasn't always an "Einstein." A University of Arkansas professor's article relates physicist Albert Einstein's reaction to a negative critique on a paper he had written on gravitational ...

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Lunar Lawn Mower

Scientists are brainstorming ways to put troublesome moondust to good use. "If you can't lick 'em, join 'em," goes a cliché that essentially means "figure out how to live with whatever you can't get rid of. ...

Nov 11, 2005 4.9 / 5 (8) 0

Scientists teach worms to learn

Worms, like people, tend to avoid foods that have made them sick in the past. By coaxing worms to select only healthy choices from a menu of bacteria, Rockefeller scientists show that one brain chemical, serotonin, ...

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Court Judgement is no Carte-Blanche for DoSsers

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the legal implications of a recent court ruling that a denial of service (DoS) e-mail attack did not constitute a crime under UK law. So does this ruling mean that people who maliciously ...

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From passive applications to sentient machines

We are close to the point where new types of automated routines and software applications could operate independently of direct human control to carry out prescribed tasks. Helping us arrive, researchers have designed a model ...

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