Archive: 09/11/2007

Team probes history of genes with new tool

The wheels of evolution turn on genetic innovation -- new genes with new functions appear, allowing organisms to grow and adapt in new ways. But deciphering the history of how and when various genes appeared, ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Hubble Captures Stars Going Out in Style

The colorful, intricate shapes in these NASA Hubble Space Telescope images reveal how the glowing gas ejected by dying Sun-like stars evolves dramatically over time.

Sep 11, 2007
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Prescription labels geared toward pharmacies, not patients

The labels on most prescription drug containers highlight the pharmacy’s name or logo rather than instructions on how to take the medication, reports a new study in the September 10 issue of the Archives of Internal Me ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Coyotes

While the wily coyote reigns as top dog in much of the country, it leads a nervous existence wherever it coexists with its larger relative, the wolf, according to a new study from the Wildlife Conservation ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Soft drinks alone do not affect children's weight

Soft drink consumption has increased in both the USA and the UK over the years and this has often been blamed for a rise in childhood body mass index (BMI). However, many of the review methodologies investigating the alleged ...

Sep 11, 2007
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