Archive: 09/11/2007

Monterey sprayed to confuse moth

Areas of California are being intensively sprayed with pheromones designed to create sexual confusion in a destructive moth.

Sep 11, 2007
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Researchers count lots of parking lots

U.S. drivers like lots of parking lots, according to a study that shows in some Indiana areas parking spaces outnumber resident drivers 3-to-1.

Sep 11, 2007
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Generic prostate drug helps find high-risk cancers early

Men now have another good reason to consider taking finasteride, a well-known generic drug that shrinks an enlarged prostate and reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer by 25 percent. A new study from the Southwest Oncology ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Nanomaterials with a Bright Future

An innovative and inexpensive way of making nanomaterials on a large scale has resulted in novel forms of advanced materials that pave the way for exceptional and unexpected optical properties. The new fabrication ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Palm Vein Biometric PC Mouse Goes on Sale

Fujitsu today announced that it has developed a PC Login Kit for use with the PalmSecure palm vein biometric authentication device and begun sales of a mouse model and a standard model for corporate users.

Sep 11, 2007
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Stem cells make new heart valves

Researchers have coaxed adult stem cells into forming artificial heart valves that could one day mean fewer surgeries for children suffering from heart defects.

Sep 11, 2007
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A child's IQ could be affected by maternal epilepsy

A history of maternal epilepsy and its associated treatment may be linked to impaired intelligence later in life, says a new study published in Epilepsia. Dr. Nina Oyen, M.D., of the University of Bergen and Norwegian Institute ...

Sep 11, 2007
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New clues to breast cancer development in high-risk women

Physicians who treat women with the breast cancer susceptibility gene BRCA1 often remove their patients’ ovaries to eliminate the source of estrogen they believe fuels cancer growth. Yet they also know that anti-estrogen ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Dangers of early menopause highlighted

University of Adelaide research into the problems caused by the early onset of menopause will be among the highlights of the 11th Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) Congress, being held in Adelaide this weekend.

Sep 11, 2007
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A new look at the proton

Dutch researcher Paul van der Nat investigated more than three million collisions between electrons and protons. In his PhD thesis he demonstrates -for the first time– that the spin contribution of quarks ...

Sep 11, 2007
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