Archive: 04/11/2006

Global warming may bring mass species loss

A study by U.S. and Canadian scientists confirms earlier dire predictions of species loss, concluding global warming could spark mass species extinctions.

Apr 11, 2006
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Carphone's broadband plan shakes up sector

The slogan is tantalizing enough. "Free broadband, forever," or so declared Carphone Warehouse, one of Europe's biggest mobile group based in London. For the past few weeks, the company had trumpeted the mantra and indicated ...

Apr 11, 2006
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Psychologist Explores Human Perception, Finds 'Wow Factor'

Faces tell the stories in UC Riverside Professor Larry Rosenblum’s ecological listening lab, as volunteer test subjects show that they can “read” unheard speech -- not just from lips, but from the simple movements of ...

Apr 11, 2006
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Nature's strongest glue could be used as a medical adhesive

A bacterium that lives in rivers, streams and human aqueducts uses nature's strongest glue to stay in one place, according to new research by Indiana University Bloomington and Brown University scientists reported ...

Apr 11, 2006
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A Chesapeake Bay satellite map is created

Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center in Maine say they've created a satellite map to show the Chesapeake Bay area's urban development.

Apr 11, 2006
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