Archive: 11/10/2005

Hurricane horror mostly bad luck -- for now

The high-impact hurricanes that have hit the United States over the past couple years are, at least for now, more a function of bad luck than of climate change, said MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel during an Oct. ...

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Antarctic ozone - not a hole lot worse or better

The Antarctic ozone hole this year was the fourth largest to be recorded since measurements of ozone depletion began in 1979. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research's expert in ozone depletion, Dr Paul Fraser, says while the ...

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Thick Smog over Beijing, China

Thick pollution obscured the sky over Beijing and nearby regions on November 4, 2005. According to news reports, the city's pollution index reached the highest level on the scale between November 4-5, and residents were warned ...

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Lichen Survives In Space

One of the main focuses in the search for living organisms on other planets and the possibilities for transfer of life between planets currently centres on bacteria, due to the organisms simplicity and the possibility of ...

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Europe's telecoms remain on toes

The rapid change in Europe's telecommunications industry stepped up further as Swisscom acknowledged Wednesday it was in talks with Ireland's Eircom for a potential buyout.

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