Archive: 11/10/2005

GOP surrenders on Arctic drilling plan

House Republican leaders have unexpectedly agreed to remove a proposal allowing oil drilling in an Alaskan wildlife refuge from a pending budget bill.

Nov 10, 2005
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Telecom bill faces forceful opposition

Lawmakers broadly agree that telecommunication laws regulating the market do not meet the rapidly changing needs of users or address the ever-evolving nature of the business. Yet as members of Congress debate the latest telecom ...

Nov 10, 2005
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Microsoft's Live Arcade to be game central

Walk into the Los Angeles Convention Center during the Electronics Entertainment Expo each May and you'll see what video-game industry insiders wrestle with on a daily basis: Amid the bright lights, throngs of attendees, ...

Nov 10, 2005
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Turkey: things you have to know before Thanksgiving

It's just about time for Thanksgiving. And while many of us love to sit down to a wonderful turkey dinner with our family and friends, few give much thought to where that turkey comes from.

Nov 10, 2005
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N. America network spending, revenue up

Telecommunications operators in North America have invested more and profited more from wireless networks, a research group said Thursday.

Nov 10, 2005
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View from the Top: Wireless leaders

What happens when you gather a group of senior executives from the largest wireless carriers today in one forum? The answer may surprise you. Although they compete to the death in the marketplace, when it comes to the challenges ...

Nov 10, 2005
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New Device Provides a Major Boost to Adult Stem Cell Research

A single cell with the potential to repair damaged heart muscle tissue . . . regenerate injured bone . . . create new cartilage or skin . . . even reverse nerve damage. Human stem cells offer tremendous hope for the development ...

Nov 10, 2005
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Microfossils Show Promise In Prospecting Climate History

In 2004 and now in 2005, the hurricane seasons have been horrifyingly intense – so how bad is the long-range forecast? Based on a century of data, meteorologists currently believe that a 30-year lull in hurricane activity is ...

Nov 10, 2005
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