Archive: 10/10/2008

Just a numbers game? Making sense of health statistics

Presidential candidates use them to persuade voters, drug companies use them to sell their products, and the media spin them in all kinds of ways, but nobody - candidates, reporters, let alone health consumers - understands ...

Oct 10, 2008
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Fat-regenerating 'stem cells' found in mice

Researchers have identified stem cells with the capacity to build fat, according to a report in the October 17th issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication. Although they have yet to show that the cells can renew ...

Oct 10, 2008
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Statins may prevent miscarriages

Hospital for Special Surgery researchers have found that statins may be able to prevent miscarriages in women who are suffering from pregnancy complications caused by antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), according to a study ...

Oct 10, 2008
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Deep sea pipelines to green gas production

( -- University of Queensland researchers are working to tap into a wealth of natural gas resources located in distant, deep-ocean fields off the coast of Western Australia.

Oct 10, 2008
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