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Electronic money making headway in Japan

For Tamayo Mikitani, making sure her Suica card is in her bag has become second nature, just like she wouldn't dream of leaving home without her cell phone or her makeup bag.

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FEMA computers hampered during Katrina

Faulty federal computer networks may have been partly to blame for the government's lackadaisical response to major storms last summer -- and Hurricane Katrina this year, experts tell UPI's Networking.

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North Sea efficient sink for carbon dioxide

A relatively large number of algae grow in the North Sea. These form the basis for a much richer food chain than that found in the Atlantic Ocean. Dutch-sponsored researcher Yann Bozec calculated that coastal seas such as ...

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ESA's director comments on the loss of CryoSat

A European satellite that was to have helped understand global warming by scanning the thickness of polar ice sheets crashed into the Artic Ocean after its Russian launcher failed. The 170-million-dollar CryoSat satellite ...

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